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What is CAP?

What is a reasonable accommodation?

What is assistive technology?

What Executive Orders, publications, or initiatives exist that provide guidance and direction for managers?

Can I request a CAP representative to present at an event?

How can I receive updates about CAP and other disability related information?

Does CAP provide materials for distribution or training?

Requesting Accommodations

How do I request an accommodation?

What signatures are required on my CAP Request Form before I submit it?

What do I do if my supervisor won't sign the CAP Request Form?

What type of documentation is required?

Does CAP replace lost, stolen or damaged accommodations?

Who owns the assistive technology provided by CAP?

Employment Programs

Does CAP fund assistive technology for employees on Workers' Compensation?

Does CAP fund assistive technology for telecommuters?

How do I find a job in the Federal government?

Needs Assessment

How can I receive a needs assessment?

Is a needs assessment required to receive an accommodation?


What types of assistive technology does CAP provide?

I do not see the item that I would like to request on the website. Are these items the only ones I can choose from?

Does CAP provide chairs?

How can I get a larger monitor?

I am scheduled to participate in training. Am I able to request a sign language interpreter?

Where will the accommodation be delivered?

How do I know if an assistive technology device, either hardware or software, is certified for use on my organization's mainstream computer/telecommunication equipment and/or network?

Who installs the assistive technology?

Can assistive technology training be provided?

Does CAP provide upgrades to assistive technology?

Does CAP provide assistive technology to Active Duty Service Members?

Does CAP provide assistive technology to Guard/Reservists?

Does CAP provide assistive technology for federal contractors?

Does CAP provide assistive technology for prevention of work related injuries?

Does CAP provide assistive technology for federal interns with disabilities?

Does CAP provide assistive technology for agencies to use in point of services of members of the public or office communications?

Who can I contact if the assistive technology is not delivered in the expected timeframe?

What is the policy if the assistive technology that is received does not meet my needs or is not functioning?

What should I do if my order arrives damaged or does not function?

Does CAP provide repair or routine maintenance for accommodations?

What happens to the assistive technology should the employee using it leave the agency/organization?

I know my disability, but I am not sure what kind of assistive technology I need. Where can I go for help?

Disability Laws and Policy

What is Section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act?

What is Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act?

What is Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act?

What is Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act?

Can CAP help my agency become Section 508 compliant?