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Requesting Accommodations

Q: How do I request an accommodation?

A: CAP encourages all its customers to utilize our online CAP Request Form  and submit the form directly through our website. You may also email your request form to, however please be advised that submitting your request via email decreases CAP’s efficiency in processing and may result in an additional delay in service.

Q: What type of documentation is required?

A: CAP reserves the right to request medical documentation to support a request for accommodation and maintain acquisitions integrity.  If CAP determines that medical documentation is needed to evaluate a request, the documentation must be issued by a licensed medical professional or other appropriate practitioner and indicate the medical diagnosis, including the current clinical status.

When additional medical documentation or other information is necessary to evaluate a request, customers should submit the information in a timely manner.  Failure to do so could lead to a decline of the request.

Please note that CAP is a resource and does not assume the legal obligation of an employer to accommodate its employees.  A decline of a request by CAP, therefore, should not be interpreted as a decline by the employing agency.   Employees may request an accommodation from their employer at any time.

Q: Does CAP replace lost, stolen or damaged assistive technology?

A:  CAP evaluates requests for accommodations that have been lost, stolen or damaged on a case by case basis. You may submit a request for the accommodation on our website at During the approval process, you may be contacted to provide additional information about your original accommodation.

Q: Who owns the assistive technology provided by CAP?

A: For federal employees with disabilities, the assistive technology that is procured by CAP and delivered to them for use is owned by the employing agency.  When the property is received by the employee, the agency takes responsibility for the property and the appropriate property manager should notate the receipt of the assistive technology.