Support Services

CAP provides a host of accommodation solutions and support services to DoD Federal employees with disabilities receiving assistive technology training. A list of support services available through CAP is provided below. The service requester is responsible for arranging the services of the interpreter, reader, or assistant and should submit a Request Form to the CAP office four weeks prior to the beginning of the training session.

Sign Language Interpreters

CAP covers the costs of sign language interpreters for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing who must attend long-term DoD-sponsored training classes. > Learn More

Travel Reimbursement for Personal Assistants

CAP provides financial resources for travel reimbursement for personal assistants to support training requirements of individuals with mobility impairments. Personal assistants are provided for DoD-sponsored class/training session times only. > Learn More

CART Services

CAP provides funding to cover the cost of CART services for training which last two full days or more for each training class, to ensure access to DoD-sponsored training opportunities. > Learn More

Relay Conference Captioning

Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals can participate in meetings, videoconferences, and multi-party conference calls using real-time text streamed to an Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. This service is provided by the same high-quality Captioners who produce closed captioning on television.

Video Relay Services

Web cameras, when used with the Internet, enable the use of Video Relay Service. VRS provides telecommunication relay services through the use of sign language. Video Relay Services allow a person who is deaf or hard of hearing, or has a speech disability, to make a relay call to a standard telephone user by using sign language to communicate visually with an interpreter through the Internet. VRS requires the use of a web camera and the Internet to place a call.

Communicating with an Interpreter