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As defined by the General Service Administration (GSA) and the Office of Personal Management (OPM), Telework is working away from the traditional office, at home or in a telecommuting center, on either a recurring or an ad hoc basis.  With portable computers, high-speed telecommunications, and ever-present pocket communication devices, many employees today can work almost anywhere at least some of the time. Flexible work arrangements offer the opportunity to attract and retain both diverse and highly skilled workers by boosting employee morale and productivity.

Each federal agency establishes its own Telework policies under which eligible employees may participate. Specific to the needs of employees with disabilities, CAP supports telework by providing services and accommodations for disabled employees teleworking as a form of reasonable accommodation.

CAP supports the Employment Lifecycle through accommodations and support services. For human resource managers or hiring officials, CAP can help retain employees with disabilities, wounded Service members and the aging workforce to stay at work and return to work.

CAP provides the appropriate assistive technology and workstation equipment require for the eligible employee to perform their job from an alternate work location:

  • Agency-supported Laptop Computers, Printers, Fax Machines, Copiers or All-In-One devices
  • Alternative keyboards, pointing devices, document holders
  • Close-Circuit Televisions, Screen Magnification Software, Screen Reader Software
  • Agency-approved Speech Recognition Software, Video Phones and Cognitive/Memory aids.

Target groups for Telework as a form of a reasonable accommodation include: 

  • Recipients of Workers' Compensation payments; 
  • Persons subjected to disability retirement; 
  • Employees with disabilities who could be more productive if they were allowed to work part or all of the week at home or in some other off-site location; and 
  • Persons with disabilities who are physically unable to access their workplace. 

Interagency Telework Site

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the General Services Administration (GSA) established this joint website on telework to provide easy access to information about Telwork in the Federal government. Here you will find information for employees who think they might like to telecommute (or are already doing so), for managers and supervisors who supervise teleworkers, and for agency telework coordinators. > Visit Website

Telework Center Basics & Listing

GSA established a network of interagency telework centers in communities surrounding the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Use the Telework center for obtaining contact details. > Visit Website

Washington Metropolitan Telework Centers (WMTC)

The WMTC network of telework centers provides a streamlined resource for employers to place their employees in the telework center that best serves their needs. > Visit Website

DoD Telework Policy

The Secretary of Defense has established a DoD-wide goal to increase employment of people with severe disabilities from 1.2 percent to 2.0 percent of our civilian workforce. Flexible work arrangements can be valuable tools for recruitment and retention of a workforce that is both diverse and highly skilled. > Read DoD's Telework Policy

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