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How to Make a Request

Prior to submitting an accommodation request to CAP, you should determine which assistive technology you will need.  If you are unsure or are unfamiliar with assistive technology, there are a few options you should consider:

  1. Browse some of the most frequently requested assistive technology on the CAP website;
  2. Use the CAP Online Needs Assessment to answer questions about your job duties and functional limitations.  The online needs assessment tool will be able to make recommendations based on your responses;
  3. Contact CAPTEC to schedule an onsite or VTC needs assessment, or with any general questions about your assistive technology; or,
  4. Submit an accommodation request an on-site needs assessment – CAP will contract a local consultant to visit your workstation to perform a needs assessment.

Once you are ready to submit your accommodation request to CAP, you can do so in one of two ways:

  1. Online – complete and submit a CAP Accommodation Request using our easy to follow, step-by-step online request module; or
  2. Email – complete a CAP Accommodation Request form in PDF format and email the request to CAP.

Certain accommodation requests will require you to provide the CAP staff with required additional information or documentation:

  1. Computer Specifications Form – the CAP Speech Form is required for all requests for speech recognition software.  Prior to submitting the form to CAP, make sure that the entire form is complete and a member of your HelpDesk or IT Department has signed the form.
  2. Videophone Additional Information Request Form – the CAP Videophone Additional Information Request Form provides the CAP staff with information about the customers essential job functions and technical environment to ensure that the correct videophone is received.
  3. Travel Reimbursement for Personal Assistant Form – any request submitted to CAP for travel reimbursement for a personal assistant must be accompanied by this completed form.
  4. Telework Agreement – customers requesting a laptop computer, printer, fax maching, scanner, or all-in-one machine for their telework location must provide the CAP staff with a copy of their accepted Telework Agreement which states that they are teleworking “as a form of reasonable accommodation.”
  5. Medical Documentation* – any person who submits a CAP Accommodation Request and does not have a targeted disability must provide CAP with supporting medical documentation which cites their disability or disabling condition.  There is no timeframe for when the documentation must be from since the disabilities CAP accommodates are considered to be permanent.  Medical documentation is kept on-file with CAP for seven years from the date it is received.

*CAP adheres to HIPAA privacy laws and regulations, and any Personal Identifying Information (PII) on medical documentation that is received is immediately removed.  Any documentation that is not needed is destroyed.

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