Exceptional Family Member Program

CAP assists the DoD Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) in meeting communication requirements. CAP assists in identifying and purchasing appropriate technical enhancements to ensure that DoD programs and facilities are accessible to people with disabilities, as required by Federal Public Laws. CAP works with the EFMP Coordinator, Family Service Center Personnel, and the students to determine equipment needs, identify solutions, and provide assistive technology when appropriate. When a family member enrolls in the EFMP or an EFMP coordinator with a disability is hired, you can email so the appropriate assistive technology can be provided.

CAP provides services for beneficiaries, as well as employees with disabilities, within the EFMP.


  • Assistive technology that makes the information and telecommunication environment accessible to individuals with cognitive, communication, dexterity, hearing and vision disabilities
  • Training on the assistive technology

Military Family Resource Center EFM Connections

For more information about support for military families with special needs visit the Military Family Resource Center.

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