Military Health System

CAP’s Military Health System (MHS) initiative provides assistive technologies and services to increase accessibility in MHS.  Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs), TRICARE Service Centers, Lead Agents, and Beneficiary Counseling & Assistance Coordinators are eligible for assistive technologies and services through CAP to ensure appropriate computer and telecommunications access for people with disabilities.

Who Benefits from CAP's Military Health System Initiative?

While CAP cannot purchase durable medical equipment, such as hearing aids or wheelchairs, we can assist in a number of other ways. We provide several examples below:

  • Employees who are experiencing a loss of hearing or are deaf may require teletypewriters (TTYs) or assistive listening devices to be available at your scheduling desk, waiting areas, and pharmacy.
  • Employees who are blind or experiencing vision loss may need screen magnification software or Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) to be available to assist them with reading and filling out healthcare forms.
  • Employees diagnosed with a disability affecting their ability to communicate verbally may require augmentative communication devices to facilitate communication during visits or inpatient hospital stays.
  • Employees diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive stress injuries may require alternative keyboards or input devices to reduce pain while accessing the information environment.

Requesting CAP's Military Health System Support

CAP can help you identify appropriate solutions for your facility through the following CAP's request process.

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