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Partner Accessibility & Communications Initiative

Partner Accessibility & Communications (PAC) Initiative

CAP’s Partner Accessibility & Communications (PAC) Initiative provides assistive technology to increase access to federal programs and services for individuals with disabilities. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act prohibits discrimination based on disability in federally funded and conducted programs or activities in the U.S., including employment programs. Specific examples of locations for PAC accommodations include:

  • Agency libraries;
  • Emergency preparedness programs;
  • Reoccurring meetings with members of the general public or political appointees;
  • Customer service centers, such as passport offices, parks or forest stations; and,
  • Federal employment and training centers.

For more information on the PAC Initiative, contact us at 703-614-8416 (Voice), 571-384-5629 (Videophone), or by email at


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