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Navy/Marine Corps Intranet

The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) brings together almost 400,000 Navy personnel, military, government civilians, and contractors into a single computing environment. NMCI replaces hundreds of networks across the U.S. and has an unprecedented level of security and protection.

CAP is working closely with the Navy to ensure that assistive technology can be integrated into the NMCI system. NMCI and CAP will provide the use of assistive technology for NMCI users with disabilities, allowing them to access and use information in the NMCI environment. CAP is helping NMCI to rollover current users of software applications to an enterprise application where they will receive their software electronically.

The NMCI Help Desk and the CAP office will be available to assist with installation and integration issues for the user. The NMCI Help Desk is available by telephone at (866) THE-NMCI.

Download a List of Assistive Technology Within NMCI

For more detailed information on assistive technology within the NMCI, you may view the list of assistive technology. If you are a Navy/Marine Corps employee, you may sign onto the Homeport to view the EDS/NMCI.

If you do not have access to the Homeport, you may also view the list of NMCI Assistive Technology found in the Related Information area on the right. All AT listed in this document are available for use on NMCI. If an AT is not listed, then it is currently not available for use in the NMCI environment.

For additional information regarding CAP services for NMCI please contact the CAP Assessment Team.

User on the NMCI network