Communication disabilities affect or limit speech and/or hearing resulting in a disruption to the communication process. Communication disabilities include stuttering, voice disorders, and articulation disorders. Below are a number of assistive technologies that CAP has received a high number of requests for, therefore resulting in CAP's ability to provide them to our customers as appropriate accommodation solutions for people with this disability.

Deaf-to-Hearing Communication (1)

CAP can provide products and software that allow hearing individuals to communicate efficiently with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Depending on the job of the individual, there are options available to assist in face to face communication.

Voice Amplifiers (4)

Enable users to amplify their voices so others can understand their speech. Voice amplifiers are designed in a variety of formats to fit different needs.

Word prediction software (1)

Predicts the user’s words based on the words recently typed and the how frequently the user types the same words. Word prediction software improves grammar and sentence structure by predicting logical words based on the contextual meaning of that sentence.