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CAPTEC Innovation Day - March 28, 2013

Dispelling the Myths: Reasonable Accommodations Under the Rehabilitation Act

Thank you for attending Dispelling the Myths: Reasonable Accommodations Under the Rehabilitation Act with Guest Speaker Jo Linda Johnson, Director, Federal Training & Outreach Division, Office of Federal Operations Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

View highlights from Jo Linda Johnson's presentation

Supporting Materials

CAP has several Online Training and video resources that can also aid you in learning more about Reasonable Accommodations.  We have listed some of the more relevant items here for you as a resource.

Providing Reasonable Accommodation Solutions

This training provides you with an overview as to what a reasonable accommodation is and how it can benefit you and/or your employees.

CAPTEC Overview

Located in the Pentagon, the CAP Technology Evaluation Center (CAPTEC) is a facility dedicated to the evaluation and demonstration of assistive technologies. If you are seeking solutions to accessibility problems, you can visit CAPTEC, either in person or via Video-Teleconferencing (VTC), to see the types of equipment available, receive a needs assessment, compare different solutions, and, working with a CAPTEC manager, ensure that the assistive technology you select will be compatible with your specific needs.

Quick Tip: Writing a Justification

When requesting items from CAP, you'll be prompted to provide justification for the items you need. CAP uses this justification to back up each and every request. Learn more about what an accurate and helpful justification includes in this short Quick Tip.

Speech Recognition Software

Learn how screen magnification software can assist individuals with low vision.

Testimonial: Raymond Jenks, Jr.: Flight Chief, Instructional Technology Unit Lackland AFB

CAP's interview with Raymond Jenks, Jr.

Image of CAPTEC customers