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Quick Tips

Have questions about working with CAP or submitting a request? We've created a series of short videos to help answer some of your most frequently asked questions. Check back soon for more tips or let us know if you have a question or topic you'd like to see addressed in a Quick Tip:

Quick Tip: Finding your Serial Number to Request an Upgrade

Instructional video on finding your serial number when requesting a software update.


Quick Tip: WSM Requests

Video provides a brief overview on the process of requesting accommodations through CAP for wounded, ill, and injured active duty service members.

Quick Tip: Public Accessibility and Communication (PAC) Initiative

Under the PAC Initiative, CAP provides assistive technology to help increase public access to federal services and information for people with dexterity, hearing, vision, communication, and cognitive disabilities.

Quick Tip: Needs Assessments

Although you are not required to have a needs assessment, here are some quick tips to help you understand how helpful it can be.

Quick Tip: Out of Scope Accommodations

Do you need to submit a request for an accommodation but are unsure if the item is in CAP's scope? Watch our new Quick Tip video: "Out of Scope Accommodations" for a list of items outside of CAP's scope.

Quick Tip: Reducing Eyestrain When You Work

Eyestrain can be common, especially for people who spend a lot of time viewing a computer monitor. Here are some quick tips to reduce and avoid eyestrain at work.

Quick Tip: Choosing the Correct Address

One way to expedite your request for an accommodation is to make sure you select the correct address when placing the request. Here are a few tips to help you verify the best address for receiving a shipment.

Quick Tip: Writing Your Justification (UPDATE)

When requesting items from CAP, you'll be prompted to provide justification for the items you need. CAP uses this justification to back up each and every request. Learn more about what an accurate and helpful justification includes in this short Quick Tip, the first in our ongoing series.

Quick Tip: Telework

In this Quick Tips video from CAP, you will find information about Telework as a form of reasonable accommodation, the second in our ongoing series.

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