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Outreach Materials

Help us spread the CAP message. We encourage all of our customers to include CAP in your upcoming events. If you are hosting an event and would like to provide attendees with CAP information, please contact the CAP Outreach Team.

CAP Publications

  • CAP Information Flip Book
    CAP's Flip Book provides a detailed overview of CAP services and available tools.
  • WSM Initiative
    CAP Supports Wounded Service Members CAP provides needs assessments, assistive technology, and training to our nation’s wounded service members throughout all phases of recovery and the transition to employment.
    CAP's Technology Evaluation Center (CAPTEC) located in the Pentagon is a state-of-the-art demonstration and assessment facility. People seeking solutions to accessibility issues can see the variety of equipment and software available, compare solutions and ensure that the assistive technology (AT) will be compatible with their current information environment.
  • Employment Lifecycle
    CAP supports the Employment Lifecycle through accommodations and support services. For human resource managers or hiring officials, CAP can help people with disabilities, wounded Service members and the aging workforce stay at work and return to work.
  • Workplace Ergonomics Reference Guide
    This guide provides illustrations of proper workstation ergonomics, a checklist for implementation of these strategies and tips for prevention of repetitive stress injuries.
Image of CAP Flipbook