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Keep up to date with CAP news with CAPtions, CAP's quarterly newsletter highlighting developments in assistive technology, disability policy, and general news that impacts accessibility for employees with disabilities in the Federal Government.


  • CAPtions Summer 2014
    Articles include: CAP Offers On-site Assessments in DC Area, Using Quick Tips to Answer Frequently Asked Questions, CAP Partners with the U.S. Forest Service to Increase Public Accessibility, Using CAP Resources to Plan for NDEAM, U.S. Access Board Visits CAPTEC, and Upcoming Events.
  • CAPtions Spring 2014
    Articles include: CAP Appoints New Director, How to Speed up Your CAP Request, CAP Expands Services, What is a Disability?, We've Updated our FAQs, and Upcoming Events.
  • CAPtions Winter 2013
    Articles include: Hearing Loss and Service Members, Conducting Needs Assessments…At a Distance, Tell Us Your Story, Dinah F. B. Cohen Retires, Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Rehabilitation Act, and Upcoming Events.
  • CAPtions Summer 2013
    Articles include: CAP Partnership Series: DoD Roundtable, for Mobile!, Newly Released: Dexterity Online Training, Aging Workforce, Preparing for National Disability Employment Awareness, Fiscal Year Transition and Upcoming Events
  • CAPtions Spring 2013
    Articles include: CAP Releases New Online Training, CAPFacts: Dispelling the Myths, CAP CAP Provide Accommodations for Telework?, Program Spotlight: Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program and Upcoming Events
  • CAPtions Winter 2013
    Articles include: Happy 20th Anniversary to the TARGET Center, CAP Mobile App for Android Now Available, POWER Initiative, WRP "I Am the Workforce" Winners, Let CAPTEC Be Your Resource and Upcoming Events
  • CAPtions Summer 2012
    Articles include: CAP Hosts TBI/PTSD Innovation Day, A Year in Review, CAP Debuts New Assistive Technology Videos and Upcoming Events
  • CAPtions Winter/Spring 2012
    Articles include: CAP Video Featured at the Museum of Modern Art, CAP Request Form 101, Embedded Technologies, Upcoming Events
  • CAPtions Fall 2011
    Articles include: Reflection on FY11, CAP Medal of Honor Winner, CAP Wounded Warrior Hiring and Support Award, CAP Posters, CAPTEC New Manager, CAP Website, CAP Intro Emails
  • CAPtions Summer 2011
    Articles include: CAP Provides 100,000th Accommodation, CAP Receives Recognition, A Resources for Invisible Injuries: Real Warriors Campaign, Conferences for the Disability Community, New CAP Online Training
  • CAPtions Spring 2011
    Articles include: Coming Together to Create Career Opportunities, CAP WSM Staff Visits Germany, CAP Creates AT/Customer Interview Videos and Technology Spotlight: Intel Reader.
  • CAPtions Winter 2010
    Articles Include: How CAP Can Help Employees Return to Work, Success of a Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) Intern, Executive Order 13518, Stay Connected with CAP's New Websites, Don't Forget to Submit your Agency's EO Plan!
  • CAPtions Summer 2010
    Articles include: Celebrating the ADA, WRP Students Join CAP for the Summer, Learn About Disability.Gov, WSM Testimonials Posted on Website, CAPTEC Corner
  • CAPtions Spring 2010
    Articles include: CAP Hosts "Call to Action: Hiring People with Disabilities" Training Event, CAP Mourns the Loss of Kevin Curtin, Director of the USDA TARGET Center, CAP Enters Social Media, Agencies Benefit from Effective Telework Policies, Assistive Technology on the Move
  • CAPtions Winter 2009
    Articles include: Success of CAP Goes Green Program, CAP Hosts 20th Anniversary Webinar, CAP Participates in EEOC / DOJ Town Hall Listening Sessions, CAP Employee: Jamel White Wins Gold at Deaflympics, Support. Equip. Empower. CAP Hosts Innovation Day for Wounded Service Members, Upcoming Events
  • CAPtions Special 20th Anniversary Edition
    Articles include: CAP Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary, September 1995: CAP Technology Center at the Pentagon, Fall 2000: CAP Expands to Serve Other Federal Agencies, Summer 2001: President George W. Bush Visits CAPTEC, Summer 2004: CAP Supports Wounded Service Members, Summer 2008: CAP and EEOC Host Two Percent by 2010
User reading the CAP Facts sheet with a portable CCTV