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Keep up to date with CAP news with CAPtions, CAP's quarterly newsletter highlighting developments in assistive technology, disability policy, and general news that impacts accessibility for employees with disabilities in the Federal Government.


  • CAPtions Winter 2015
    Articles include:"When is Medical Documentation Needed?", "What Products Can I Use at My Agency?", "Videophone Update", "Basic Computer Use without Sight."
  • CAPtions Fall 2014
    Articles include:"Celebrating 25 Years of Increasing Accessibility and Opportunity", "CAP Accommodates Workers’ Compensation Claimants", "Term and Temporary Appointments", and "What Types of Assistive Technology Can be Found on the CAP Website?"
  • CAPtions Summer 2014
    Articles include: CAP Offers On-site Assessments in DC Area, Using Quick Tips to Answer Frequently Asked Questions, CAP Partners with the U.S. Forest Service to Increase Public Accessibility, Using CAP Resources to Plan for NDEAM, U.S. Access Board Visits CAPTEC, and Upcoming Events.
  • CAPtions Spring 2014
    Articles include: CAP Appoints New Director, How to Speed up Your CAP Request, CAP Expands Services, What is a Disability?, We've Updated our FAQs, and Upcoming Events.
User reading the CAP Facts sheet with a portable CCTV