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Employment Programs

Q: Does CAP provide assistive technology to Workers' Compensation beneficiaries?

A: CAP supports Workers' Compensation beneficiaries by providing assistive technology to assist individuals with staying on the job and returning to work.  Individuals may be asked to provide a Workers’ Compensation acceptance letter as supporting medical documentation.  To learn more about how CAP support Workers’ Compensation beneficiaries, visit:


Q: Does CAP provide assistive technology to teleworkers?

A: CAP supports telework by evaluating the needs of employees with disabilities and purchasing the assistive technology necessary to effectively complete their duties.  We do require a signed copy of your telework agreement.  To learn more, please visit CAP’s Telework Program page.


Q: What accommodations can CAP provide for telework?

A: Due to safety precautions, CAP is unable to provide certain items intended for telework that require assembly, installation or need to be attached to furniture in non-federal locations. Please work with your local agency if you wish to receive any telework excluded accommodations.


Q: How do I find a job in the Federal government?

A: If you are interested in finding employment in the Federal government, please visit USA Jobs to begin your search. Unfortunately, CAP is unable to assist in job placement or provide employment opportunities.