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Needs Assessment

Q: What is a needs assessment?

A: A needs assessment allows us to identify potential solutions that will aid someone in accomplishing essential job tasks.  We discuss the requirements of the position, the limitations the individual is experiencing, and tools that can help the individual accomplish the tasks with the given limitations.


Q:  What types of needs assessments can CAP provide?

A: All needs assessments performed by CAP focus on job related tasks and the methods are determined by CAP’s Specialists on a case by case basis.  There are four ways needs assessments can be conducted:

  • Remote Needs Assessments: These can be conducted by telephone or video teleconference (VTC).At times, individuals provide pictures of their workstation and we talk work through the process together over the phone or VTC.

  • CAPTEC Needs Assessments: CAP’s Technology & Evaluation Center (CAPTEC), located in the Pentagon, has workstations with various tools available for demonstration and trial.Individuals who are able to visit the Pentagon can set up an appointment by phone, 703-693-5160, or via email at

  • CAP staff at the individual’s workstation: This can only be offered to agencies with five or more individuals located in the Washington DC metro area.We can also offer workstation visits when we are on travel to areas outside of Washington DC, but they are limited due to our financial and staff resources.

  • Third party vendor at the individual’s workstation: There are some instances where CAP determines that an in person needs assessment is the only appropriate way to determine the best accommodations for an individual.In these instances, we can pay a vendor to provide the needs assessment when we are unable to visit the work location ourselves.

Q: How do I request a needs assessment?

A: There are three ways to request a needs assessment:

  • You can submit a CAP Request Form and ask CAP to recommend solutions.

  • You can contact CAPTEC to schedule a needs assessment by phone, 703-693-5160, or via email at

  • If you are an agency representative in the Washington DC metro area who has five or more employees, you can email and the Assessment Coordinator will reach out to you and see if a visit can be arranged.

Q: Is a needs assessment required to receive an accommodation?

A: No. If you are familiar with assistive technology or have tried something before that you know will meet your needs, you are not required to receive a needs assessment prior to receiving an accommodation from CAP.