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CAP may provide onsite training, also known as technical services, to help customers learn how to use some software provided by CAP.  To qualify for these services, the individual must already have the software installed and activated on their computer. In addition, CAP staff will reach out with a technical questionnaire that needs to be completed by the individual as well. This questionnaire will cover items such as:

  • Are you available to receive the technical service in either one 8 hour block or two consecutive days of 4 hour blocks each? 
  • What is your experience level with this software (beginner, intermediate, experienced user who needs training on new features)
  • Have you received training on your software previously? If, so what topics/subjects were covered?
  • On which specific topics/subjects do you require training?
  • What agency-specific or proprietary agency applications do you need to access with your assistive technology?
  • Are the applications you are using Section 508 compliant?
  • Does your position require you to perform specialized tasks?
  • Are there any systems or proprietary applications that you use that the trainer will not be allowed to train you on for security reasons?

CAP may provide training for the following:

  • Voice Recognition Software
  • Screen Magnification and Reading Software
  • Reading, Writing and Comprehension Tools

CAP Customer engaged in training