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POC Resources


CAP is excited to work with you as your agency POC! In efforts to provide the best customer service experience for all of our partners in the Department of Defense, CAP is here as a resource to help your agency meet its reasonable accommodation goals and ensure employees with disabilities receive the assistive technology they need. Our DoD Components and agency POCs will: 

•    Receive automatically-generated e-mails advising that an agency employee has submitted a CAP request;
•    Receive automatically-generated e-mails advising that an accommodation request has been declined;
•    Receive automatically-generated e-mails advising that a requested accommodation has been ordered;
•    Receive CAP's annual stakeholders' reports reports;
•    May track CAP requests on behalf of the agency for internal and external reporting purposes; and,
•    Receive periodic e-mails providing updates on upcoming CAP events, changes in the request process, and/or developments in disability employment policy which may impact CAP or your agency.

For questions or information please feel free to contact our Outreach Analyst.


What is CAP?

Does CAP replace lost, stolen or damaged accommodations?

What Executive Orders, publications, or initiatives exist that provide guidance and direction for managers?

Can I request a CAP representative to present at an event?

What signatures are required on my CAP Request Form before I submit it?

What type of documentation is required?

I do not see the item that I would like to request on the website. Are these items the only ones I can choose from?



POC Trainings

Each federal agency is designated a CAP Point of Contact (POC) who is responsible for disseminating CAP information to agency employees. These training segments explain how CAP’s Assessment team, Acquisition team, and Outreach team support agency POC.

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Disability Etiquette

The Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program’s disability etiquette training is targeted to supervisors and co-workers of individuals with disabilities. These trainings are intended to provide basic tips that can serve as a guideline when interacting with an individual who has a disability.

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CAP has recorded a series of webinars to share the CAP training experience with our customers and stakeholders around the world.

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