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Online Trainings

CAP has created a series of online training modules. These modules will help you understand how to hire employees with disabilities and wounded, ill and injured Service members and how to provide reasonable accommodations after they are hired.

Due to the large size of the Online Trainings/Disability Etiquette videos, please press play and allow several minutes for the videos to fully load.

CAP Online Training: Radiating Pain

Many people experience radiating pain due to a spinal injury, traumatic brain injury, and other conditions. Learn how CAP can accommodate individuals experiencing radiating pain caused by a diagnosed condition.

Providing Reasonable Accommodation Solutions

2 minutes, 59 seconds

Learn about what a reasonable accommodation solution is, who CAP accommodates, what a needs assessment involves and the how to initiate the request process.

Providing Reasonable Accommodations for People with Dexterity Disabilities

3 minutes, 34 seconds

Dexterity disabilities may include quadriplegia, paraplegia, MS, cerebral palsy, stroke, upper body amputation, or significant repetitive stress injuries. CAP may provide speech recognition software, headsets and microphones and alternative pointing devices.

Providing Reasonable Accommodations for People with Cognitive Disabilities

3 minutes, 28 seconds

Cognitive disabilities may include memory loss, perception problems and other issues.  They may be caused by dyslexia, ADHD, stroke, PTSD and TBI.  Educational software, screen magnification and speech recognition software are just a few of the tools CAP may provide to accommodate people with cognitive disabilities.

Providing Reasonable Accommodations for People with Hearing Disabilities

4 minutes, 10 seconds

CAP’s most recent training includes information about accommodations for people with hearing disabilities, including deaf or hard of hearing. There’s a multitude of accommodations for hearing disabilities including videophones, captioned telephones, telephone amplifiers and assisted listening devices.

Providing Reasonable Accommodations for People who are Blind or have a Vision Disability

3 minutes 49 seconds

Vision disabilities may include blindness, low vision and vision impairments. Accommodations may include tools to maginify hardcopy and onscreen text or scanners and screen readers which can output content as Braille or speech.

Providing Reasonable Accommodation Solutions for Wounded Service Members

6 minutes, 51 seconds

Learn how CAP partners at military treatment facilities can provide accommodations for wounded Service members during and after rehabilitation.

CAP Online Training: Ergonomics

5 minutes, 53 seconds

Receive an overview of good workplace ergonomic practices and learn why ergonomics matters to you.