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Case Study: Yosemite NP

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park in California offers around 4 million visitors a year a wealth of natural beauty and visitor services include camping, hiking and programmatic presentations.

The park had assisted listening devices available for all interpretive programs and produce sign language videos to provide information to deaf visitors. They have Braille versions of many publications, captioned media and a full time seasonal American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter.

The park is supplementing their existing accessible technology and services with Interpretypes, for face-to-face communication between deaf and hearing people. They will be available at all visitor centers and other locations where the park rangers interact with visitors and other employees.

Demonstrations were done for several groups of employees who interact with the public last fall.  We will be doing the same this spring to ensure that employees are aware they are available for use and where they are located.

“I anticipate that they will get a lot of use this summer!”

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