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A number of assistive technology demonstration software programs are available directly from manufacturers web sites that allow free trial periods.

These resources allow people with disabilities to access computer resources for product evaluation before a purchase decision. CAP links to several sites to help users in locating this software. Suggestions for additional demonstration versions of software are welcomed. Please contact the CAPTEC Manager.

Blind/Low Vision Demonstration Software

  • Screen Readers
    Screen reading software operates a speech synthesizer, which voices the contents of a computer screen. Screen readers are compatible with word processing, spreadsheet, and database packages and can be used in conjunction with screen enlargement products.

  • Screen Magnification
    Computer software which enlarges print on the computer screen. Images can be enlarged up to 16 times, and the user controls print size, color contrast, and color selection.

  • Scanner/Reader
    Scanner/reader software converts typewritten or typeset material into clearly spoken synthesized speech. Text can be read immediately, stored on computer disk, saved into a word processing application, or prepared for Braille production

Cognitive Demonstration Software

  • Literacy Scanning & Reading Software
    A scanner/reader converts typewritten or typeset material into clearly spoken synthesized speech. Featuring both verbal output and highlighting text, scanner/readers assist in facilitating reading. Specific controls offer individual settings for screen color, reading speed, degrees of highlighting, and notetaking capabilities.