CAP has worked with hundreds of service members, case managers, occupational therapists, physicians and family members since CAP started its WSM Initiative in 2006. For each service member, CAP strives to be a part of his or her personal success story. CAP appreciates hearing back from those we have helped. Below are some testimonials from individuals who have worked with or benefitted from accommodations from CAP.

Sara Meisinger, OTR/L

"CAP plays a key role in transitioning a Wounded Warrior from injury to independence." > Read More

Sandy Schoenberg, OTR/L

"CAP provides wounded Warriors the opportunity to better equip themselves to manage their lives, and accomplish their goals with the knowledge that there is sincere appreciation for their mission." > Read More

Michelle Fielder, OTR

"As provider, it has been refreshing to work with an agency that is excellent with customer service and works both in a timely and efficient manner." > Read More

Kara Lea Reimler, Case Manager

"I am proud to have worked with CAP to assist Warriors in getting the tools they need to be successful." > Read More

MAJ Ava Craig, SLP

"From a military provider's perspective, CAP is a true GODSEND!" > Read More

Steve Vargo, MS, Counselor Advocate

"The Computer/Electronic Accommodation Program has, and continues to be one of these very valuable resources for our injured troops." > Read More

CPT Ivan Castro

"All of this assistive technology is vital for increased productivity. I feel very fortunate to have a program such as CAP helping all of us wounded service members regain our independence in the workforce." > Read More

Evelyn Galvis, SLP

"I continue to use CAP's services for all of my patients' cognitive needs and know that they are always reliable, informative and efficient." > Read More

Service Member