CPT Ivan Castro

Army Special Operations

Fort Bragg, NC

"I, CPT Ivan Castro, was wounded while conducting offensive operations in Yusufiyah, Iraq. On September 2, 2006 I was struck by a mortar round which rendered me severely injured. The mortar blast broke my left arm leaving an open humerus [sic] fracture, it broke my nose, my facial bones, it instantly enucleated my right eye, my lungs collapsed, I had a pulmonary embolism, they discovered an aneurysm of the left vertebral artery which was caught in time, my deltoid muscle was torn on my left shoulder and I had numerous open flesh wounds due to shrapnel. After intensive, physical therapy, occupational therapy and blind rehabilitation my command afforded me the opportunity to remain in the military and I was assigned as the 7th Special Forces Group HHC Executive Officer. Then I attended the Maneuvers Captain Career Course at Fort Benning, GA and upon graduation reported and currently working at the Special Operations Recruiting Battalion as the Assistant Operations Officer/Total Army Involvement Recruiting Coordinator. With the assistance of the Computer/Electronic Accommodations [sic] Program (CAP), I have been provided with hardware, software and specialized training such as updated screen reading software (JAWS), text scanning software (Open Book) as well as a cell phone with speech output software (mobile speak). All of this assistive technology is vital for increased productivity. I feel very fortunate to have a program such as CAP helping all of us wounded service members regain our independence in the workforce."

Photo of CPT Ivan Castro