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CAP has recorded a series of webinars to share the CAP training experience with our customers and stakeholders around the world. Newly recorded webinars and upcoming topics will be listed below. To request a specific topic, please email us at

ADHD/Anxiety/PTSD Training
Presenters: Michael Cushman and Zachary Hatgimisios

Requesting Software and Training from CAP
Presenters: Redeait Teferra and Sydney Bryan

All About AT: Selecting the Right Keyboard
Presenters: Alaska Gumbarevic and Melanie Reilly

Medical Documentation
Presenters: Michael Cushman and Kenya Colbert

Let’s Talk Tech: Accommodating Employees with ADHD
Presenters: Allison Gumbarevic and Ever Villalta

Let’s Talk Tech: Accommodating Employees with Degenerative Disc Disease
Presenters: Lauren Ernat and Kimberly Evans

The CAP Needs Assessment Process
Presenters: Derek Palafox and Deneysha Richard

Let’s Talk Tech: Accommodations for Employees with Heart Disease
Presenters: Erin Sanderson and Evelyn Rivera

All About AT: Headsets
Presenters: Christina Briscoe and Whitney Code

Accommodating the Aging Workforce
Presenters: Elizabeth Jones and Terrence O’Brien

Let’s Talk Tech: Accommodating Individuals with Diabetes
Presenters: Lauren Ernat and Kim Evans

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Presenters: Whitney Code and Kellen Ashford

DoDI 6025.22: Reissuance of Assistive Technology for Wounded, Ill and Injured Service Members
Presenters: John Sanders and Eric Gasperoni

Let's Talk Tech: Accommodations for Employees Impacted by Breast Cancer
Presenters: Erin Sanderson and Kim Evans

CAP Webinar: Understanding Federal Acquisitions & Procuring Assistive Technology
Presenters: John Lee and Kim Evans

Wounded Service Member (WSM) Initiative
Presenters: Michael Young and Kameelah Montgomery

Wounded Service Member (WSM) Initiative: How to Submit a CAP Request Form
Presenter: Lynsey Foley

Real Solutions for Real Needs: A General CAP Overview
Presenter: Derek Shields

Let's Talk Tech: ALS & MS
Presenters: John Sanders and Erin Sanderson

The Needs Assessment Process
Presenter: John Sanders