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Assistive Technology Videos

CAP has a number of resources that can inform you about assistive technology (AT) and ergonomics. Our AT Demonstration videos can provide information about the different types of accommodations and how these solutions help employees with disabilities. We've included links to some helpful AT documents with information about what is available for certain networks and agencies. We also have information about workplace ergonomics to help you set your workspace up in a manner that can help to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

Product Demonstration Videos

AT Documentation

  • Confirmation of Videophone Certification
    Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) wants to ensure that our federal deaf and hard of hearing customers have access to the telecommunication environment and how videophones/web cameras (webcam) can be integrated into your agency’s network. The process of setting up your videophone/webcam should be easy and smooth if it is set up properly. Before you submit your CAP request form for a videophone or webcam, please use the following guidelines and recommendations to help you to select the appropriate reasonable accommodation solution
Image of the Voice Memo App featured on an AT video