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Reader Services

Reader Services are for the provision of a reader for employees with low or limited vision. It is a person who reads to an employees with a disability and must be a skilled reader, reading competently enough to enable the employee to perform his or her job effectively. This service is provided remotely via phone, VTC, or other video/screen sharing program. IMPORTANT - Review each statement below: • Reader Service requests are subject to provider availability. • CAP’s approval of your request does not guarantee that the requested services will be provided, due to provider availability. You will receive an order notification email containing the vendor’s contact information once the applicable service has been confirmed by a CAP vendor. • Last minute cancellations or emergencies on the part of the hired reader may result in CAP being unable to staff your requirement. • Internet/Remote services have a higher likelihood of being filled than onsite services. • It is the agency’s responsibility to accommodate their employees if CAP is not able to provide the services and the employee or employee’s POC will need to coordinate event logistics with the vendor and/or the specific individuals staffing the requirement. • If you need to cancel the services for any reason, please let us know three (3) business days in advance to avoid being billed by the vendor. • Any changes to the services must be approved by CAP.

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