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CAP Partner Agency Points of Contact: Introduction

Each federal agency is designated a CAP Point of Contact (POC) who is responsible for disseminating CAP information to agency employees. The following training segments will explain how CAP’s assessment team, acquisition team, and outreach team support agency POC. Also included are descriptions of the laws and authorities that support CAP, our services and customers.

CAP Partner Agency Points of Contact: The CAP Assessment Team

The CAP assessment team handles the intake of all CAP requests for reasonable accommodations and needs assessments, as well as the operation of CAP’s Technology & Evaluation Center (CAPTEC) at the Pentagon. This segment provides an overview of how CAP’s assessment team operates and analyzes accommodation requests.

CAP Partner Agency Points of Contact: The CAP Acquisition Team

This training module provides an overview of federal acquisition procedures that govern CAP acquisition activity. CAP’s acquisition team is tasked with the proper and timely execution of funds as defined in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (the FAR). CAP supports the FAR by verifying request information provided by the CAP assessment team, selecting appropriate procurement vehicles, market and product research, and customer follow-up and care. 

CAP Partner Agency Points of Contact: The CAP Outreach Team

The CAP outreach team educates stakeholders about CAP's services and develops and maintains partnerships. This training module examines CAP at agency events, CAP news and social media and our training videos.